About us

Founded in Essouira Morocco, Arganisme company’sprimary objective
was to service to all size of companies.

Arganisme is the first distributor of argan oil which was founded in 1976.
Since 2005 Arganisme has set up a production line and is the first manufacturer and wholesaler of argan oil worldwide. To provide our customers with an excellent service worldwide, Arganisme has moved its headquarters to Brussels, Belgium in January 2016.

We offer a wide range of skincare items which are specifically proposed for the effectual function. This plant helps us in developing the products that could moisturize, nourish and heal your skin in all natural ways. To counter the harsh affects of environment and pollution on your skin, this Argan oil skin care cream is the best one to have. Using its moisturizer twice a day is very good for the skin and hydrates it too. The great fact about this oil is that it overcomes the aging affects too. Some of the well known products are:

  • Argan Oil (organic)
  • Prickly Pear Seed Oil (organic)
  • Pure Rose water
  • Shampoos
  • Soaps
  • Hair masks
  • Nutri night cream
  • Creams

Arganisme Production process

A summary of the Argan oil production process from the grove to the bottle.
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Our mission

We hope to bring a Moroccan natural touch to your beauty routine by offering natural products and Moroccan beauty secrets.

The mission of Arganism is to get the world as a whole acquainted with the healthy properties of argan oil. In addition, Arganisme strives to promote its national pride Argan, which grows solely in southern Morocco. And last but not least to offer the farmers a fair price for their product.

We love organizations

Our products are recognized by this great organizations.
We love to work with them.